Container Hotel




Fast Construction

Modular container hotel are constructed with prefab container units, 90% of the construction process are already complete within factory. Components of every single unit are designed under universal standard and can be massive produced in line. Building a hotel with containers only takes 20% of the time compared with material of reinforced concrete and brick.

For fast return on investment and quick income generation, container hotel is your best option.

Solid and Durable

Containers are first designed to deal with oversea shipping problems including heavy load, not only for goods but also for tough environment conditions like salt and humidity. The body of containers is made of high strength structure steel, you are guaranteed with perfect stability and firmness. 

Pretty Looking

CMCOSTEEL interrogated wall and roof sandwich panel presents variety of handsome appearance from its elegant embossment, texture and gloss, you don’t even have to do decoration anymore and it’s a ready-to-use solution.

For an extra internal and external decoration demand, modular components have been developed to embellish the container hotel including wall, ceiling, baseboard, envelope façade subject to individual requirements with many options like coating and surface panel. 

Building a container hotel also means building a hotel with modern and advanced architectural technology which inspired with stylishness and aesthetic property. 

Cozy and Comfortable

CMCOSTEEL containers are designed with excellent insulation and sound-proof properties which are very suitable for creating a cozy and confortable living environment. The main material of wall padding material is rock wool or high density polyurethane with better insulation performance compared with traditional concrete.

Low Cost and Good Price

Massive factory online production and flexible modular structure make the best of raw material, and the scale of our manufacture capacity make sure you always get the best price. 

Green and ECO Friendly

Nearly all material used are green and ECO friendly. A container hotel construction only needs minimal on-site work and no impact to local ecosystem. The whole building comes with great affinity to the nature and could blend perfectly with the landscape.