Portable Shipping Container House

Transportable container cabins are homes prefabricated within factory standard 20 feet shipping container size, can be easily loaded by forklift and transported by truck.


Choose with Confidence

Your transportable homes will be designed and manufactured exactly as your required to be.

No matter if you are just have an idea of plan initiation or get ready to build your greenhouse, or even need maintenance or renew service, we are happy to provide professional advises, products and services for your reference.

You will get what you need with solid time frame, no endless waiting time.

If you prefer a turnkey delivery for greenhouse project, you are at the right place.


  • Comfortable and safe

    Technology imporves your home, sweet and cozy

    CMCO container cabins are made of steel sandwich panel and steel section, makes your house strong and durable with excellent property of anti-heat, wind, vibration, humidity, water; can even deal with M8 earthquake and hurricane easily. With additional support of solar photoelectric product, solar water heater and household appliances, container cabin to be your warm and cozy home.
  • Affordable and low-cost

    Cost less than 1 $ per day

    Normally 1 TEU (Twenty feet Equivalent Unit size 20’ *8’ * 8’6”) with 160 ft²available area only cost less than 43.75$/ ft², compared with house price of your country, construction cost of CMCO container house is much cheaper. At the same time, it can be used more than 20 years, you average cost per day is less than 1$.
  • Movable, reusable, flexible

    You can move to anywhere and live anywhere you like

    Moving around is easy without touching any of your furniture, a truck can do the entire job. Settle on the ground also means your home is ready for use.
  • Fast installation, ready-to-use

    Assemble and deploy within 2 hours. Also can be fast packed up.

    Mobile container cabin can be installed in less than 1 hour. It is out-of-the-box and ready-to-use solution, you don’t have to wait because there is barely a construction period. Modules and components are connected by joints; anyone can install it easily with our product instruction. We also provide further and detailed technical and on-site installation support for any problem you may encounter.
  • Good finish

    Attractive appearance and individuation available

    Variety of painting color, sandwich panel, surface material, roof, door and window style are ready to meet your individuation and personal preference. Your home will look exactly like you dreamed of. Or you can paint and decorate it in any way you like it

Structure Details

  • Thermal insulation, wallboard used energy-saving panels, heat preservation and energy saving effect is remarkable.
  • Cold bridge effective partition, advanced technology can effectively cut off outdoor to indoor temperature conduction to ensure indoor temperature stability.
  • Fire rating for class A, to eliminate fire hazards.
  • Relocation is convenient, mobile integrated container house, can be wholly moved by forklift and crane, can be transported by overall, packaging transport and bulk transport such 3 different ways.
  • Modular design, integrated production, our complete set of supply improves production cycle and working speed.
  • Excellent seismic performance of wind, low requirements for foundation, can perfect response to various environments.

  • Your container cabin home is easy to scale in vertical and horizontal direction benefit from its modular design.
  • CmcoSteel Containers are built from high strength structure steel and capable of stacking 3 layers normally and can be reinforced to max 6 layers stack.
  • Easy to acquire open space after horizontal expansion and remove partition between container units. Special designed connection components will keep gap sealed.

Modular Components

Bottom Floor

Frame of container cabin was built with high strength anti-rusting cold-formed steel profile after finishing of painting or hot-dip zinc or any treatment as you require. Steel plates lay above the frame and Bolivian magnesium board above itself; makes your floor can hold 20T weight with NO deformation as well as bright and smooth surface. We can also provide high quality solid wood flooring for your fixture and fitting purpose.

Columns and rails

Mainly made of galvanized channel and square galvanized tubes ensure your house have a considerable stability.

Wall and roof panels

CMCOSteel Panel-system choose Polyurethane as heart preservation material. Flame retardant PUR is a material with self-extinguishment, heat preservation, water proof features, and thermal conductivity is 0.024W/m.k, combustion performance can reach B1 class. Roof panel, wave can be connected directly and jig and stents, installing solar panels without wearing roof structure , realizing building roofing heat preservation and effective utilization of dual role of solar energy. Other options like rock wool panels and glass wool panels are also available with handsome appearance texture and various colors like brick, mental, marble, and wood or even total high strength glass.

Window and doors

Windows and doors will be installed as your requirement. Windows style like shutter, swing or sliding are quite popular among our clients. Shutter door or security door are also optional with your preference. All the window and door can be made by wood, UPVC, aluminum alloy or galvanized steel.

Option modules

Support modules including interior and exterior like electronics, water supply and drainage system, furniture, solar module or solar panel can be installed as your requirement.

Package and Shipping