Prefab Modular Container Building

  • Container House is designed and developed according to the standard size of shipping container.
  • It is widely used as mobile office, meeting room, workers dormitory, shop, protable toilet, storage, shower room, restaurant, labor camp and so on.
  • CMCO container house are made of Steel sandwich panel and steel section, makes your house strong and durable with excellent property of anti-heat, wind, vibration, humidity, water; can even deal with M8 earthquake and hurricane easily.




Easy and quick to construction, low-cost.
Stable steel structure, water-proof, fire-resistant and good for moisture-proof. the steel structure can resist 9-10 grade hurricane and 7-8 grade earthquake.
Convenient to move and disassemble; It can be moved flexibly and lifted by forklift or crane.
Excellent performance, its service life can reach up to more than 25 years.
Flexibility and variability; for example: One container can put on other one to form a 2 floor house, and 2 containers can combined one big container to realize different using environment.


Main Models


Basic Equipments

Packaging and shipping

10ft HC Container House


Empty room with Door, window & wiring

12 sets in 1 unit 40ft HQ Container

16ft HC Container House


Empty room with Door, window & wiring

12 sets in 1 unit 40ft HQ Container

20ft HC Container House


Empty room with Door, window & wiring

6 sets in 1 unit 40ft HQ Container


  • Project manager office, dormitory, accommodation, meeting room
  • Healthcare container
  • Container data center
  • Communications plant
  • Tunnel maintenance equipment facility
  • Agricultural Facilities and Power Distribution Equipment
  • Electrification control room
  • Mobile distribution box / Portable substation
  • PV Inverter
  • Electrical load of the system equipment cabinet

Package and Shipping