Shipping Container House Office

CMCO Steel container room are modular design, every single room is a construction unit, can be used alone, can be combined at horizontal and vertical direction to form a spacious living or working space.


  • All components are prefabricated on line, Fast to manufacture, fast to deliver.
  • No demand for concrete foundation, unload means ready to use.
  • Section steel and high strength sandwich board makes a simple structure but secure guarantee.
  • Flexible layout with handsome appearance help your design plan walks into reality.

Length:  3m - 12m

Width:  2.4m - 3m

Height:  2.5m - 2.7m

Area:  7sqm - 36sqm

Weight:  1.8T - 4T

Construction site  office

Field temporary quarters

Temporary meeting room

Students or labor workers dormitory.