Steel Structure Processing Machinery

In tune with the times of green, low carbon, recycling and ECO economic development, we find our new missions are not only help our client to build the strong and constant, but also help more and more committed talents to participate in this great campaign to make this world a better place for everyone, so we decided to supply Steel Structure technical and hardware to extend steel structure application within architecture territory including design technical and machinery.

Steel Structure Processing Machinery department had acquired ISO2000 and CE quality certifications and credentials in 2012, especially the wall panel, steel tile, floor deck and C/Z purlin of our products which improved by our technical team have obtained good reputation within our domestic market as well as overseas. Machinery manufacturing team follows strict production assembly process under industry standards; quality management system monitors every step and keeps no defect on line, also our after-sale services team provides future maintenance for every machine you have imported from us within its entire service life.

Popular export machine


Floor Decking Forming Machine

Roof &Wall Panel Forming Machine

Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Double Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Standing Seam Forming Machine

Roof Tile Forming Machine

Z Purline machine

Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

Channel Roll Forming Machine

Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Zip Lock Panel Forming Machine

Pipe Forming Machine

Waterproof Panel Forming Machine

Sandwich Panel Production Line

There are more…